What is an integration?

An integration is essentially an App that has been configured in a board inside a Hub for your organisation. An example of this might be; When an event in your Product occurs, an update is pushed to an external service for the user to utilise. Using dynamic connections inside the board, the Versori Hubs SDK allows users of your Product to connect to this integration, providing their authentication details. This is a powerful tool, expanding your Product and increasing user satisfaction.

Process flows

At a high level, the flow to connect a user or disconect a user are:

Connect and create

  • User clicks connect on an integration and authenticates
  • On succesful authentication and connection, your backend will authenticate the user, and optionally save the connection and credential details
  • Your backend will then POST the connection info to the Versori createUser endpoint to save the user
  • Handle UI updates

Disconnect and delete

  • User clicks disconnect on an integration
  • Disconnected callback triggered to front end, your backend will carry out any essential clean up
  • Your backend will then DELETE to the Versori deleteUser endpoint to delete the user
  • Handle UI updates

How To

In the toolbar for a board, the Embed SDK tab provides code snippets that will help in setting up the Versori Hubs SDK. Further information can also be found in the How to guide here.